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    Zhejiang Y&Q Stationery Co.,Ltd


    Zhejiang Y&Q stationery co., LTD. is located in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province. It was founded in 1983, which has 30 years of development experience in this industry. In 2008, our company registered "Y&Q" trademark and committed to developing the brand market of "Y&Q". Our company has always been known for its exquisite and diverse brand products, we have independent research and development center, and we have developed various kinds of bags, hats and other series of products.

    In July 2012, we cooperated with Disney company to become the exclusive licensee of the Pleasant goat and Wolffy brand in China.

    In 2014, we cooperated with Oriental dream factory to become the exclusive licensee of Madagascar brand in China.

    In 2015, we cooperated with Universal pictures to become the exclusive licensee of the Minions brand in China.

    Our company formed mainly on the national mall channel sales network layout, covering more than 3000 of the country's large supermarkets, and we have become the key suppliers of Wal-mart, Carrefour, metro, Tesco,  vanguard and other international and domestic well-known stores.